Sync Now and Branch Pausing

Our ability to automatically capture changes made in Salesforce and commit them into Git is our most popular feature. It saves teams manual effort and it allows Salesforce admins and BAs to use a Git flow for Salesforce without becoming command line experts.

However, we understand that there are use cases that call for a customized sync experience.

We’re proud to announce an update to our automated Salesforce sync feature that contains three new features that will help speed up your workflow even further and provides greater visibility into how your Salesforce development pipeline is doing.

Sync Now

Our new Sync Now button allows you to trigger a sync instantly instead of waiting for your normal sync cycle to finish.

When you click Sync Now for a given branch you’ll see a list of metadata types that you can filter on to trigger a partial sync which can occur faster.

Metadata sync times depend on the size of your org and the amount of metadata that Blue Canvas is responsible for syncing. We tend to poll every minute, but for larger orgs this can take a few minutes. Sync Now allows for more instant syncing by syncing just a targeted portion of your metadata.

Often for a feature you may only update a single Worfklow Rule or an Object and an Apex Class. If you want to just push it right away to an upstream org, Sync Now allows you to select just those types and deploy them.

Pause Sync for 30 Minutes

Another commonly requested feature is the ability to pause syncing for a short time while you are working on a feature. Many Salesforce devs and admins save their work as they go (a great practice if you ask us). Given our autosync capability this can create a noisy commit history (though we do automatically squash commits in pull requests).

This new feature gives users the ability to pause a branch for 30 minutes so they can work on a ticket without having multiple commits happen as they click save. It allows you to create a nice clean commit of a change. The “Pause for 30 Minutes” feature will resume sync after 30 minutes so that you don’t have to remember to resume syncing.

For those that want to pause for longer periods you can “Pause Sync Indefinitely”. This pauses sync until you explicitly tell it to resume.

New Status Updates

One nice benefit of these new features is the redesigned Branches page on your Blue Canvas dashboard. We now provide real time status messages for the states of each of your branches that provide more information about what is happening under the hood. This gives users more clarity on where their branch is at any given moment and can help determine whether it is worth it to perform a Sync Now operation.

The new status bar notifies users of whether we are waiting on Salesforce, or at another stage in the process. This creates even more transparency into the state of your Git branches and Salesforce orgs in Blue Canvas.

Faster Deployments and Better Visibility

These features augment two of Blue Canvas’ core value propositions for Salesforce admins, developers and BAs: speed to deploy and visibility into what is happening. With the Sync Now button you can deploy your changes even faster - in a matter of 1-2 minutes in some orgs.

And with branch pausing and status updates we continue to provide more clean Git and Salesforce org histories.

Happy Syncing!

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