Destructive Changes in Salesforce

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You Can Delete Salesforce Metadata and Apex in just a few clicks.

Say goodbye to Ant scripts or technical debt!

Great for Lightning Migrations and Tech Debt Cleanups! Learn more about how Blue Canvas’ automated source control for Salesforce can help you remove unwanted Salesforce files.

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Automatically delete Files from Production

Blue Canvas automatically commits changes into source control. When you remove an Apex class or metadata component from a sandbox, you can deploy that deletion up to Production with just 3 clicks.

You can also delete files in production and push those deletions down into your UAT, Staging and Dev environments without doing a sandbox refresh.

Apex and Declarative Metadata

Unwanted metadata causes technical debt and performance issues. Blue Canvas allows you to remove those types simply and automatically.

Blue Canvas automatically commits everything into source control so that you have a real record of changes at all times.

This includes declarative metadata for admins.



No Ant scripts needed

Today, you have to create a destructiveChanges.xml and push them with an Ant script. Destructive changes are not supported in standard change sets. This requires deep technical skills and massive maintenance costs.

With Blue Canvas, you can remove these types without resorting to Ant Scripts and get more functionality than change sets.

Great for Lightning Migrations and removing technical debt!

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