Deploy Profiles & Permission Sets

This tool lets you compare and deploy Profiles, Permission Sets & FLS between any two Salesforce orgs.

‍To get started, connect a source and target org above.

This is a free tool brought to you by the folks at Blue Canvas.
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Compare Orgs

Blue Canvas allows you to quickly compare orgs to see what differences exist in your Profiles and Permission Sets. Read the docs.

Diff by Object & Field

You can filter by Object to see which Objects and Fields have different Profile and Permission Sets.

Quickly Deploy

Our simple user interface is designed to make it easy for admins and developers alike to deploy Profiles and Permission Sets in Salesforce.

It's Free!

Blue Canvas is offering this tool for free to the community. Docs found here.
Reach out to get access to use it with our DevOps platform.
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If you need to restore Permissions after the Pardot Reset

If your are affected by the Pardot permission reset, you can use this tool to restore permissions. You need to have access to a Sandbox that contains a valid backup of your Profiles and Permission Sets. Follow these steps:

  1. Confirm that the Sandbox can be used to restore Profiles and Permission Sets.
  1. Connect your Sandbox as the Source Org on the top right of this page. Log in with your administrator account when prompted. Then connect your Target Org.
  2. Copy the missing permissions.
  1. If you have problems with managed permissions, you need to reinstall the managed package.

You should repeat this process for every profile and org with missing permissions. After you're done, log in to the target org and check that the restore went as expected.

If you need help, get in touch via email at