San Francisco

Sales Development Representative

We’re looking for an early sales hire. This person will work directly with the CEO to operationalize our sales process.

Blue Canvas has built a GitHub for Salesforce that's being used at companies like Spotify, Twilio, Intercom, and Sysco.

We are hiring a Lead SDR who we hope can quickly (i.e. in ~6 months) become our first AE.

The opportunity

Blue Canvas is a small, revenue-driven startup with a two person sales team (just the CEO and one SDR). We're looking for someone with SDR experience who can help scale our current outbound efforts and then transition into our first AE as the CEO moves into other areas of the company.

This role is ideal for you if you want to start your own company some day as you'll be working with the CEO directly to build the sales organiztion.

The company

Blue Canvas admires companies like GitHub, Atlassian, and Basecamp that started out bootstrapped AND achieved massive impact.

We believe that focusing on revenue early on allows us to serve our customers first and build a market capturing product, rather than focus on pleasing investors.

We're lucky to have as our lead investor because they share our goals and philosophy around company building.

You will be a great fit if...

You have 6-12 months of SDR experience (or an *exceptional* ability to pick it up on the job quickly and enthusiastically).

You know the tools of the SDR trade and are excited to confidently implement them at a fast growing startup.

You are tenacious and hungry to learn.

You are ready to close deals alongside the CEO in about 6 months.

Why us?

We offer competitive salary and equity and benefits, but the real reason to join us is for personal growth. You'll be working directly with the CEO.

If you want to condense a decade of learning into 2 years, you should apply.

If you want to start a company in 3-5 years, you should apply.

The founding team has experience working on profitable businesses as well as venture-backed businesses and have developed a unique philosphy around startups and culture that you can read about here:

We believe that work is fun and rewarding when you are in your zone of proximal development and are able to find flow.

To apply

• Please email with subject line: "Excited to join the team as an SDR!"
• Please also attach a resume and LinkedIn profile link.
• Include 1-3 (max) sentences on what excites you about the opportunity or company.