Salesforce Developer Advocate

Blue Canvas is looking for a Salesforce developer advocate to help spread the word about DevOps and Git within the Salesforce community and to build tools that Salesforce developers find valuable.

The Role

At Blue Canvas we make tooling for Salesforce developers. Our Git-based DevOps solution is popular among Salesforce developers and admins at customers like Spotify, Slack and Twilio.

We are looking to hire our first Salesforce developer advocate. It's a unique role - part marketing, part customer success, with plenty of opportunities to remain technical. This role has two major responsibilities:

One: Create content and open source material that benefits the Salesforce developer community

We want to create content that Salesforce developers actually want to read and build things like open source libraries that will actually help Salesforce teams do their day jobs. Ideally customers will learn about our brand through these community projects, but the advocate won't exactly be pitching Blue Canvas directly the way a sales person or marketing person might.

Potential projects in this area:

  1. Write blog posts about best practices for Salesforce development. For example, what's coming in the latest Salesforce release that devs and admins should be aware of? What thought pieces can we put out about coding with Apex or LWC? (e.g. Some of these posts would be hosted on our blog and others could be guest posts on other community blogs.
  2. Build cool prototypes and speak about them in blog posts and at meetups and developer community events.
  3. Write up nicely formatted exceptions to common validation errors we see and post them as Salesforce/fix/ articles (e.g.
  4. Hang out on Salesforce resources like Good Day Sir Slack, the Discord channel, Salesforce Reddit, etc. and just answer questions that you find interesting and generally be helpful.
  5. Do lunch and learn type sessions with Salesforce Architects (at SFDC and in the consulting community)
  6. Build open source frameworks or libraries that Salesforce devs can use and post them to GitHub

Two: Help ensure our customers are successful when using our product

We have a technical product and a small (but growing!) team. So we need all hands on deck to ensure our users are successful. You might be asked to help train a new customer on the platform. Or you might be asked to answer technical questions that come in on Intercom. Again, you won't be selling , but by simply being a technical, friendly resource we can help provide more value to the Salesforce community in a way that benefits our brand and platform.

Potential projects in this area:

  1. Improve our API docs and build sample projects in GitHub for things like a Slack bot or static code analysis integration
  2. Make demo videos of using Blue Canvas to deploy to your projects.
  3. Help customers onboard and get trained with DevOps best practices. Develop content and curriculum for training.
  4. Help us prioritize and design features for our product! You know what Salesforce developers and admins need - help us build for them!

About you

We are looking for someone who loves building things with Salesforce:

  • Maybe you literally can't sleep the night before Dreamforce because you have so many friends to catch up with and things to learn and check out.
  • Maybe you have open source projects already or ideas for prototypes and things you just haven't had time to build. This is a day job where you can build prototypes and see your ideas come to life.
  • Maybe you're first to sign up for DX related pilots and you always like trying new tools.
  • Maybe you've answered more questions on the Stack Exchange or have the most upvotes on the Salesforce Idea Exchange.

You're passionate about Salesforce development and you would enjoy playing a larger role in the Salesforce community. You're not afraid to take the mic and talk about what you're building or write a detailed technical blog post. You like working with people and teaching them about ways to make things better.

Ideally, this job sounds too good to be true :)

About Blue Canvas

At Blue Canvas we make developer tooling for "low code" devs. We have built a Git-based DevOps solution that enables Salesforce developers and admins to track and deploy code and configuration changes between Salesforce environments. This allows them to move faster without breaking things.

We believe that Salesforce DX provides a lot of value, but isn't yet accessibly by most teams. We want to be the GitHub to DX's Git. By this we mean that just as Git was a powerful protocol that needed a GitHub to come along and build a great developer experience; we think that the tooling behind DX is powerful but needs a better user experience.

Since launching in 2017, we have found product market fit with customers like Spotify, Slack, Twilio, Sysco and Hershey's. We have grown the business profitably and we believe in sustainable growth to make our customers happy.

Benefits & Opportunities

  • Unlimited vacation policy
  • Equity in a fast growing startup
  • Healthcare
  • 100% Remote (even after Covid)
  • Top-of-the-line equipment
  • A chance to build a real personal brand in the Salesforce ecosystem

To Apply

  • Email and with the subject "Salesforce Developer Advocate".
  • Share a bit with us about why the position excites you
  • Tell us about the thing you are most proud to have built using the Salesforce platform!