Berlin / Remote

Software Engineer

Hi there! We are looking for a software engineer to help us build and ship our products while maintaining and improving the quality of our code base.

About you

You love to build software for the web.

This means you have a good understanding of webservers, databases, queues, data structures, javascript (because browsers), and maybe even Linux (because servers). We’re not asking you to be an expert in everything, but it’s important to have solid computer science fundamentals and always be willing to learn.

Our applications are currently powered by Python, Flask, Vue, Typescript, Nest.js and Go. Again, no need to be an expert in all of these as long as you are excited about it.

You like shipping early and often.

Code is only valuable when it runs. When you join us, your code won’t be gathering dust somewhere in version control. It will run on AWS, and our customers will love using it.

1+1=3 — Being part of a team brings out the best in you.

Together we know more than any single person. You love to collaborate through pair programming, drawing on digital whiteboards, and anything else you can think of to share a better understanding of the system with the team.

Things you might do

  • Improve Blue Canvas, our Git-based DevOps platform for Salesforce.
  • Work on our Salesforce data deployer tool.
  • Ship code that is being used every day by Fortune-500 companies .
  • Brainstorm with the team about bugs and features.
  • Pair code with your colleagues.
  • Challenge our engineering standards, tooling, and processes.

About Blue Canvas

We have built a Git-based DevOps solution that enables Salesforce developers and admins to track and deploy both code and configuration changes between Salesforce environments. This allows them to move fast without breaking things. We believe the industry standard developer tooling we’re used to should also be available to "low code" devs. Can you imagine not having source control in 2021?

Since launching in 2017, we have been working with customers like Spotify, Slack, Twilio, Sysco, and Hershey's. At over $1,000,000 in ARR, we are ready to transition from a founder-driven team into a well-oiled organization that can help us double down on our initial success.

Our small team is hitting its natural limits and we are facing new challenges around serving our growing customer base. As a startup with enterprise customers we are working to combine speed and agility with uptime, stability, and security.

How we work

We are a distributed team first and foremost, with clusters around San Francisco (sales) and Berlin (engineering). We value strong written and verbal communication using long-form documents, Slack, and Zoom. Spending face time together is important (after COVID) and we do bi-annual retreats where the whole team meets up.

This position should work European hours.

We believe in fanatical support and working (uncomfortably) closely with our customers to understand their needs. This customer focus has been the key to our success.

The deal

  • Your contributions will have an impact and will be acknowledged.
  • WFA (Work From Anywhere) — All we ask is a bit of overlap with the Berlin Timezone.
  • Home town office space budget (If you prefer)
  • Macbook Pro
  • Company retreats (Post-Covid)
  • Transparent salary matrix based on Buffer’s model — In Berlin ~60-75k

What’s next?

Get in touch! We don’t have any recruiters, so you’ll have direct contact with the team during your interview process.