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Brand new year, and a brand new version of the Blue Canvas newsletter. If you're reading this, hit reply and let me know which piece of content you found most useful.

This month, we share news about our product, the Salesforce developer ecosystem at large, and more.

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Continuous delivery is how we do it. Here's a list of features and fixes that shipped over the course of this month:

Permission to deploy? Granted. Access control settings let you limit the submission and approval of deployment requests to a restricted group of team members. If you want to limit who's allowed to deploy to prod, this new feature makes it possible.

UM... there's a new region. You may not have noticed, but Salesforce has (rather quietly) rolled out a new UM region. It joins the ranks of NA, EU, AP, and CS. "UM" stands for "UMEA" – UK, Middle East, Africa – and is a split of the European region. We added compatibility with instances in the UM region.

Snappier deployments. We've improved the deployments engine, to spend less time packaging and more time shipping. A lag in the UI was optimized, and comparing 1000's of changed files at once now responds instantly. There's a new page size selector, so you get to see all of your deployments at once. And to top it off, you now can shift-click on checkboxes to select a range of files, instead of going one-by-one. ☑️

File that under "normalized". Content normalization rules for types like LeadConvertSettings, ConnectedApp and CustomApplication got an overhaul. Files that are usually difficult to deploy aren't anymore. Spring '19 (45.0) release – after some initial headaches – now has our full support. We switched off versioned filenames for Flows, so, goodbye Flow-1.

Unicode filenames. International users can now use non-ASCII names in their Layout filenames. Pas de problème!


Release Management ROI

We explore the cost of bugs and how quickly a failed production deployment can damage your business. If you want to quantify the value of proper source control, this post is for you.


Why Salesforce Developers should do code reviews

This blog post from 2016 is still a hot topic. We discuss the basics of code reviews, what makes them effective, and why you and your team should be doing them. One of our most popular blog posts – take a look.


Spring '19 – The Abridged Edition Release Notes

Read it, because in this post, the Salesforce Discord Collective writes about what has changed in Major Release 45.0 but all on one page and with unmatched excitement.

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