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Metadata tracking for Salesforce DX. No CLI or command-line necessary.

Blue Canvas allows you to leverage the benefits of Salesforce DX without having to invest heavily in migrating legacy apps or teaching your devs and admins to use the command-line and Git interfaces.

Blue Canvas transforms the Salesforce sandbox development methodology into a fully fledged DevOps and source control environment leveraging DX so you don’t have to.



1 Branch = 1 org

Every Salesforce sandbox and environment is connected via secure OAuth connection to a branch in Git. Changes are backed up to the branch as soon as they are saved.

The commit author even becomes the logged in user that made the change.

This provides full rollback capabilities and real automated metadata backups for disaster recovery.

Deploy with Salesforce dx

Blue Canvas follows a Heroku like strategy for deployments with Salesforce DX. Since each org is associated with a branch, deployments can be done with simple pull requests.

This ensures that Salesforce devs and admins are able to deploy without having to first commit to Git via the command line and then deploy their code.

We solve the Source of Truth problem for Salesforce by connecting branches to orgs.



Solves the pain points of Gitflow & Devops for Salesforce

The GitFlow envisioned by Salesforce DX is difficult for Salesforce. It requires too much manual intervention, and getting Salesforce metadata into Git can be a challenge.

Blue Canvas solves that challenge simply and elegantly while leveraging Salesforce DX under the hood. We automatically convert you to the Salesforce DX Metadata directory format.

Learn more about how we can get your team achieving the benefits of DX without the costs.

Use Salesforce DX with traditional sandbox model rather than adopting a new model for your team.

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