Source Control for Salesforce Metadata

A core part of the Blue Canvas platform is command-line free, automated version control built on DX that is easily accessible to Salesforce developers and admins alike.

Blue Canvas makes it automatic

Have Git-powered source control in 4 clicks. It’s admin-friendly and easily fits into your existing development process. No retraining needed. It’s quick to learn and completely command-line free.

Automatic backups on save

Blue Canvas automatically takes snapshots of your Salesforce metadata (including declarative changes) and commits it into a standard Git repo.

Continuous snapshots on save ensure that work is never lost or deleted unintentionally and that you can always roll back to previous states of your application.

Use the best practices adopted by software teams across the world

Git has emerged as the best, most reliable, fastest and most cost-effective tool for managing your source code. Blue Canvas makes it possible to set up Git for you Salesforce orgs quickly and without any additional training. With a Git based approach, you can plug into existing tools like Jenkins, GitHub, Bitbucket, JIRA, Visual Studio, MavensMate, and many more.

Fast sandbox comparisons

Comply with external and internal policies and ensure that you always know exactly what is happening on your Salesforce orgs. What metadata types are being updated? And who is updating them?

In seconds you can see all code and metadata differences between your Salesforce orgs. You can quickly see which files are different between sandboxes or between sandboxes and production so you always know what you need to deploy.

Command line free

Blue Canvas makes automatic commits to Git so admins and non-technical staff are able to leverage source control without having to learn an entirely new workflow. Your admin team can become Git experts in a matter of 4 clicks.

Source control prevents you from ever losing your work. Salesforce makes it unfortunately easy to overwrite the work of others with sandbox refreshes and deployments. Blue Canvas provides disaster recovery services for Salesforce.

With Blue Canvas all of your changes are backed up continuously so you can always find code that has been removed from your application.

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