“Undo” Salesforce Changes

Use Blue Canvas to automatically backup your Salesforce metadata and revert to previous states.

Rollback Salesforce metadata instantly

Blue Canvas automatically backs up every Salesforce metadata change on save. Rollbacks allow you to revert to previous stages of your metadata instantly.

Protect your Salesforce org from mistakes and bugs!

Automatic backups on save

You can adopt Salesforce DX in 4 clicks. In order to use DX, you must use what Salesforce calls Source Driven Development. Blue Canvas automatically tracks declarative and code changes on the scratch org and commits it into a Git branch for that scratch org. No manual push to Git first. Quickly compare between orgs using Git diff.

View metadata history and changes

See who has made which changes when and where. If an admin makes a change to a field in production, you can quickly see who made the change, when and what the exact change was.

Get greater visibility into how your Salesforce org is changing over time.

Revert to previous versions with a few clicks

You can see snapshots of your org over time and quickly rollback.

Say you noticed a bug due to a change in a specific Apex Class or Trigger or maybe a field update. You can rollback that specific change in just a few seconds.

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