Salesforce Release Management

Organize complex multi-party releases by bringing all changes together on Blue Canvas. You always know who did what, and how it needs to be shipped.

Compare two sandboxes

Every sandbox and environment is tied to a branch in a Git repository. All changes are automatically backed up on save.

Cherry pick changes

Use smart filters to pin changes to a "Story" or "Pull Request".

Auto validation. Reviewing changes is a breeze.

1. Validation

Check for dependencies and validity of your changes.

2. Unit Tests

Run Apex unit tests to confirm that your code is good to go.

3. Code Review

Get a second set of eyes on all changes with built in code reviews.

Deploy to UAT and Salesforce Production

Deploy the code to the target org and update the associated branch in a single click of the button. No command line needed.

Bulk Salesforce Releases

Bulk Release of multiple user stories into one Salesforce Deployment

Pin multiple Stories to a Release so that you can coordinate efforts from multiple developers and admins in one go.

Deployment Checklists

Checklists are templates for manual actions that need to be taken, such as code reviews or other deployment tasks not supported by the Salesforce Metadata API.

Salesforce pre-deployment steps in DevOps tooling

Code Reviews

Use Git to review changes before they go live and provide commentary to your teammates.


Set rules for who is allowed to approve and request deployments to different environments.