Source Control for Salesforce

We help your Salesforce team use source control so that you can rollback, avoid losing work, and automatically backup all of your Salesforce metadata in real time.
We use Git so you don’t have to.

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Metadata Backups

Changes are automatically backed up in Git in real time using the Salesforce username of the person who made the change.

Automated Deploys

Automate your deployment process instead of using slow, manual change sets or Ant Scripts. Compare differences between orgs in seconds.

Rollback Easily

Rollback changes in a matter of seconds. You now have an audit trail of changes made on your Salesforce Orgs in real time.

No Code Clobbering

Because deployment is done via Git, Blue Canvas gracefully handles merge conflicts and keeps a record of your application at every stage.

Over 350 million lines of Salesforce code under management.

Source Control for Admins

Blue Canvas automatically captures any changes made on any orgs and commits them into Git in real time. It even maps the Salesforce username. No training, "git pushing" or workflow changes needed.

git diff screenshot
git diff screenshot

No Ant Scripts or Manual Steps

It’s deceptively simple. Source control and CI are handled in a single automated step. There is no manual step of pushing to Git and then using Ant scripts to deploy. You can have CI up and running in 5 minutes.

No Code Required

We use cutting edge technologies like Go and Git under the hood, but our user experience is built with the Clicks Not Code philosophy in mind. Set up CI in 5 minutes. No need to string together multiple tools like GitHub, Jenkins, and Ant.

Enterprise Grade Support

We are proud of our product, but even more proud of our responsive support. We give all of our users enterprise grade support with an average response time of under 2 hours.

Deploy in Minutes, With Confidence

Have you ever spent time frantically trying to rollback a release? Or slowed down a deploy because you were worried about not being able to? With Blue Canvas you get full Git history which allows you to roll back to previous versions in seconds.

Fast Compare Between Orgs

Compare any two orgs before deploying in seconds. We use Git instead of the Salesforce APIs so you don’t have to ping Salesforce every time you want to deploy. This makes us lightning fast.


Trust is a core part of the Salesforce value proposition. At Blue Canvas, we have gone the extra mile to make our service secure for the enterprise. Read more about how we use a HIPPA/PCI compliant Auth provider and AWS for network security.

Exception Handling

Deployment exceptions are the bane of Salesforce releases. We have built a deployment exception handling service based on over 350 million lines of Salesforce code under management.

How We're Different

We are powered by Salesforce DX, Git and Go so we are lightning fast. We remove manual steps by automating declarative commits and connect your source control and CI process so your Git repo never out of sync with your orgs. Integrates seamlessly with tools like GitHub and Visual Studio.

git diff screenshot

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