Salesforce Version Control,
powered by Git

Keep track of all Salesforce Metadata updates in your sandbox. Our git-powered tool backs up all changes and lets you revert in just a few clicks.

Salesforce & Git, working hand-in-hand

Blue Canvas ties your org to a Git repository
All changes in your org are automatically synched
You gain easy rollbacks, audit trails and deployments.

salesforce version control shows metadata changes over time in a Salesforce sandbox, visualized as commits in a branch

Compare Salesforce orgs within seconds

Blue Canvas lets you make a diff between sandboxes!
You can review all changes in metadata and Apex code
It's easy to cherry-pick changes, review the history, and synch!

Compare Salesforce orgs and see the history of each changes

Create Deployment Requests and get Peer Reviews

Select the changes you want to deploy from one org to another
Blue Canvas runs Salesforce validation & opens peer review
Review, Refine, and Ship it! 🚀

No merge conflict in Salesforce deployment

Reap the DevOps benefits, no setup trouble

No extra Git setup or fee

You won't need to configure any extra git repo nor to pay for additional git licenses.

Fast org comparisons

Quick Sync mirrors metadata changes from your sandbox to a Git repository within a minute.
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Your current setup remains

Just connect our SaaS to your Salesforce orgs. It will then track changes and guide you through deployments.

Compatible with Salesforce DX

Start using Salesforce DX without making any changes to your process. Continue using your traditional sandbox based flow while reaping the benefits of DX.