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Welcome to the Salesforce DevOps and CI Blog.
The Salesforce DevOps Assessment

Take The Salesforce DevOps Assessment to determine where you are in your DevOps journey and how you can take the next step.

Pre-Validating a Salesforce Rollback (and Release)

How you can pre-validate your release in Salesforce and have a rollback ready - just in case.

Lightning Developer Pro Sandbox for Salesforce

Move over scratch orgs, make way for Lightning Developer Pro Sandboxes.

Sync Now and Branch Pausing

We’ve enhanced our auto-sync feature to allow for quick syncs with our new “Sync Now” button.

Deploying Profiles and Permission Sets

Blue Canvas is excited to offer a free tool to the community for deploying Salesforce’s trickiest metadata type.

Tracking Manual Pre- and Post-Deployment Steps in Salesforce

Not everything is deployable automatically in Salesforce - here’s how Blue Canvas helps teams manage the manual steps.

Complex Salesforce Project Management with Feature Branching

How Blue Canvas enables feature branches with our Virtual Packaging concept.

Automated Testing for Salesforce with Provar

How you can leverage Blue Canvas CI to run automated tests in the cloud with Provar Testing.

What Makes Us Different

What makes the Blue Canvas platform unique in the Salesforce release management landscape.

Success Story: Getting Salesforce BAs Using Git Copy

How Blue Canvas helped Catalyst unlock the potential of DevOps for 20 BAs and 10 developers in under a week.

Deploying Multiple Salesforce Stories in a Release

How Blue Canvas allows release managers and devs to deploy Salesforce components on a feature by feature basis.

Salesforce Rollbacks with Git

How to rollback a Salesforce change using Git without having to use the command line.

Why Salesforce DX and Git Flow Don’t Work for Salesforce Teams

How Blue Canvas improves upon Git Flow and Salesforce DX to bring DevOps best practices to Salesforce teams.

What the Best Salesforce Dev & Admin Teams Are Doing

A quick look at the best practices for Salesforce development that have emerged in the past 3 years and in the era of Salesforce DX.

Salesforce Release Management ROI

A simple way to think of the cost benefit analysis when investing in Salesforce CI, DevOps and metadata backups.

Salesforce and Bitbucket

How to leverage Salesforce and Bitbucket to make your team better.

Specify Apex Tests Before Deploying

You can now specify which Apex tests you want to run in Salesforce before you deploy with Blue Canvas.

Salesforce SOX Compliance

How Blue Canvas can help ensure your Salesforce development team and process are SOX compliant.

Developer Console Not Loading - A Cool Fix!

Salesforce Developer Bo Laurent has published an ingenious fix for a perplexing Salesforce Developer Console bug.

Metadata Refreshes and Comparing Salesforce Orgs with Git

How to use Git and Blue Canvas to refresh metadata and compare differences between Salesforce Orgs.

Feature Branching in Salesforce

Deploy faster and with fewer errors with feature branching.

How to Use Salesforce DX

Get started with Salesforce DX in just a few clicks.

Improving Salesforce Change Sets

Is there a better way to do Salesforce change sets?

Visual Studio Code and Salesforce DX

How to install and use the Visual Studio Code Extension Pack for Salesforce DX.

Destructive Changes in Salesforce

Blue Canvas can help you do destructive changes in Salesforce. Here is how you can remove Apex Classes and other metadata types automatically.

Getting Paid $95k to Learn to Code

The platform provides an interesting path for learning to code and helping create the next wave of developers.

The Art of Salesforce Release Management

Is there a better way to do Salesforce release management?

^!@#$ Why Won't This Deploy?

How Blue Canvas can help you understand the deep dependencies and deployment issues that make change sets frustrating.

How to Do CI with Salesforce

What is the best developer flow for Salesforce development?

Using the Salesforce Lightning Design System

What is the Salesforce Lightning Design System? Should I use it?

MavensMate and Sublime Text

How to set up MavensMate with Sublime Text.

MavensMate for Visual Studio Code

Turn your text editor into the Salesforce Developer Console with MavensMate for Visual Studio Code.

Refresh Your Metadata Not Your Data

How to keep your orgs in sync without having to reupload your data in your sandboxes.

The Migration Tool

What is the Salesforce migration tool and how you can achieve continuous integration for Salesforce with Blue Canvas.

Salesforce Sandbox Refreshes

How often should I refresh my Salesforce sandbox?

Debugging Apex With Salesforce’s Debug Logs and Checkpoints

How to use Debug Logs and Checkpoints in the Salesforce developer console to troubleshoot Apex.

Setting Up Sandboxes for Salesforce CI

How to use Salesforce sandboxes to set up a Continuous Integration workflow, plus how Salesforce DX affects sandbox management.

Better Audit Trails for Release Management in Salesforce

Version control through Blue Canvas gives you far richer information than the out of the box Salesforce Audit Trail.

Version Control and Salesforce Admins

How Blue Canvas tracks declarative changes into Git so that your version control remains a source of truth.

Salesforce DX and Scratch Orgs

Salesforce DX promises to make Continuous Integration easier with Scratch Orgs.

Use ApexUnit and Selenium to Speed Up Salesforce Development

Unit and functional tests are a key part of any continuous integration pipeline. Here are some tools that make testing easy for Salesforce.

12 of the Best Salesforce Developer Resources

A list of all the best blogs, podcasts and other resources for Salesforce developers.

Why Salesforce Developers Should Do Code Reviews

How to increase the quality of your Salesforce code with Git and code reviews.

Source Control and Atlassian’s Salesforce Developer Workflow

How Atlassian uses Bitbucket, JIRA and other cloud tools to help Salesforce developers collaborate.

IDE War is Great for Salesforce Developers

There are now more Salesforce IDE options than ever. Which are the best for your team?

The Coolest Open Source Tools for Salesforce Developers

A list of the top open source tools that every Salesforce Developer should know about.

Using SourceTree for Salesforce Development

How to use SourceTree to use Git without using the command line.

Why Every Salesforce Developer Should Use Git

How Git can solve workflow problems for Salesforce developers using Apex, Visualforce, and Lightning.

Salesforce Developers Need a Source Control Solution

After interviewing dozens of Salesforce developers, here is what we learned.