About Us

We believe that Salesforce developers should have access to the best tooling on the market. Our team is passionate about bringing the best practices that exist for DevOps and source control to the Salesforce ecosystem.

For too long, Salesforce developers have had to live without good ways of deploying changes using modern tools like Git.

We have developed a Heroku-like push to deploy methodology that works great for Salesforce admins and developers.


OATV & Indie.vc

We are proud to be backed by Tim O’Reilly’s O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures and Indie.vc.


Fanatical Support

Everything that we get to do at Blue Canvas is because of our customers. Therefore they are a priority.

We want to be responsive, kind and respectful to our customers. Whenever thinking of anything, we should obsess about the customer experience and how we can make things better for them. Serving others, even if they are paying you, is a recipe for joy and so we want to treat our customers as honored guests. We want to go above and beyond for them.


Flow is the most satisfying human experience. Flow is what artists and craftspeople achieve. It’s the act of deep work - working on something that is just challenging enough to be engaging but achievable.

Often we mistakenly think that happiness comes from external achievement like “saving the world” or getting some kind of recognition. But it turns out that when people talk about loving their job it tends to be because they are regularly finding flow rather than high-level things like “having an impact” or “changing the world”. You might think that’s what makes you happy when you talk at parties, but actually the people who love their jobs genuinely find flow.

Empowerment and Responsibility

At the end of the day, we want Blue Canvas to have a culture that empowers people to use good judgment to do what is best for the company. This yields the best results for our customers and our employees.

We want Blue Canvas to feel like an elite team. Being on such a team is the most empowering, rewarding, and fulfilling way to spend your working life.  

The best teams are those in which there are few rules and in which people are empowered to do whatever they think is best for the company. To maintain a culture that has less process and rules, we need to maintain a strong team with the best people in each position.