Salesforce Metadata Backup
Real-Time , Git-fueled

Blue Canvas backs up your Salesforce Metadata on a minute-by-minute basis. You keep track of any change, see real-time history, and can revert in just a few clicks.

Salesforce & Git, working hand-in-hand

salesforce version control shows metadata changes over time in a Salesforce sandbox, visualized as commits in a branch

🔗 Your sandbox gets connected to a Git repo
🔁 Blue Canvas keeps both in constant synch
⏮️ It's easy to rollback at anytime!

No waiting, your metadata is backed up within a minute

Blue Canvas leverages the Salesforce Source Tracking API
Metadata updates are synched within a minute

Continuous Backups, across your pipeline

Blue Canvas can connect to all of your sandboxes and orgs
You gain an all-encompassing view of dev & admin's activities
It's easy to drill down and explore individual changes 🧐

Salesforce Metadata backup history, viewed in Blue Canvas activity feed
Salesforce Metadata change, backed up by Blue Canvas

Reap the DevOps benefits, no setup trouble

No extra Git setup or fee

You won't need to configure any extra git repo nor to pay for additional git licenses.

Your current setup remains

Just connect our SaaS to your Salesforce orgs. It will then track changes and guide you through deployments.

Security at core

We are SOC 2 certified. Your Salesforce Metadata is in safe hands.
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