Salesforce DevOps
for Apex Developers

Get Version Control for your Salesforce sandboxes, compare orgs, merge changes and smoothly deploy between orgs.

Git-powered source versioning

Every sandbox and environment is tied to a branch in a Git repository
All changes in your org are automatically synched within a minute

Compare orgs like you'd compare code branches ūüĎĆ

Compare Salesforce orgs and see the history of each changes

Deployment Requests, and Peer Reviews!

Open up your Salesforce changes for review and benefit from automated validation.

Salesforce deployment package validation

Pre-deployments checks that have your back

1. Dependency Resolution

Blue Canvas proactively informs you about fields, classes, layouts, and other metadata types missing from your deployment

2. Package Validation

Run Apex unit tests to confirm that your code is good to go.

3. Permissions & Profiles

Bundle permission changes together with your metadata changes.

Merge Conflict Resolution!

Blue Canvas detects on-the-fly if your deployment is conflicting with other changes that happened on the destination org.

merge conflict detection in Salesforce deployments

Deployment checklists

Checklists are templates for manual actions that need to be taken, such as code reviews or other deployment tasks not supported by the Salesforce Metadata API.

Salesforce pre-deployment steps in DevOps tooling

Code reviews

Use Git to review changes before they go live and provide commentary to your teammates.