Backup, Compare, Deploy
Salesforce Metadata

Compare Salesforce orgs within seconds, and merge changes from multiple sandboxes into the same org with peace of mind.

Git-powered Version Control for Salesforce

Blue Canvas tracks each of your sandboxes and orgs in a Git repository
All changes are automatically backed up
Reverting changes becomes a non-event, done within minutes

No merge conflict in Salesforce deployment

Compare your Salesforce orgs within seconds

Tell Blue Canvas which Source & Target orgs to compare
Review all changes in metadata and Apex code. Deletions included!
It's easy to cherry-pick changes (🍒 ), review the history, and synch!

Compare Salesforce orgs and see the history of each changes

Open Deployment Requests, get Peer Reviews, ship across sandboxes! 🚀

Automated validation and testing of your deployment package
Peer Reviews, team notifications, and branch approval policies
Customizable pre- and post-deployment steps

Salesforce deployment package validation

Connect with your DevOps suite - Jira, Azure, test tools & more

Tickets are automatically updated upon release (in your Jira, Azure DevOps or else)
Notifications are sent through Slack, Team, email or others
Webhooks and APIs available for custom integrations

Salesforce Jira integration, connecting sandbox deployments to Jira user stories

Immediate DevOps Benefits, without the setup headache

Your current setup remains

Just connect our SaaS to your Salesforce orgs. It will then track changes and guide you through deployments.

No extra Git setup or fee

You won't need to configure any extra git repo nor to pay for additional git licenses.

Same tool for admins+devs!

Within minutes you get your team to ship together, in a common platforms based on LDS.

More Salesforce Automation Features, packed-in 📦

Dependency Resolution

Blue Canvas proactively informs you about fields, classes, layouts, and other metadata types missing from your deployment

Learn more about Salesforce Dependency Resolution →

Merge Conflict Resolution

Blue Canvas detects on-the-fly if your deployment is conflicting with other changes that happened on the destination org.

Learn more about Salesforce Merge Conflicts →
Salesforce pre-deployment steps in DevOps tooling

Deployment checklists

Checklists are templates for manual actions that need to be taken, such as code reviews or other deployment tasks not supported by the Salesforce Metadata API.

Start your DevOps journey today

Over 850,000,000 lines of code are securely backed up in Blue Canvas, allowing customers to continuously deploy or even rollback in Salesforce.