Dependency Resolution for Salesforce

We believe that keeping track of required components shouldn’t be a manual task, but one that software should automatically handle.

Blue Canvas resolves metadata dependencies for you as you prepare to deploy to Salesforce. No more REQUIRED_FIELD_MISSING errors!

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Salesforce Field Dependency Resolution

Proactive, on-the-fly suggestions

Blue Canvas proactively informs you about fields, classes, layouts, and other metadata types missing from your deployment requests, giving you peace of mind when it comes to successful validations in Salesforce!

Say goodbye to dependency errors

Last minute surprises during package validation usually turn shipping to Salesforce into a tedious rinse-and-repeat process where errors are only discovered one after the other.

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It’s easier and faster to include a dependency that’s proactively suggested, than it is to debug a last minute error and to figure out where the missing culprit hides. Early feedback for the win!

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Picture the scene: you’ve finally implemented this great new feature in your developer sandbox, and you’re ready to push it to pre-prod to share it with your team. Everything works well in your personal org and you’re super confident about your changes. Yet, as you prepare to deploy your change set into pre-production, things fall apart...
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Automatically resolve dependencies when deploying Salesforce metadata changes

Let Blue Canvas guide you

Blue Canvas automatically suggests dependencies based on the files you've selected