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Support for Custom Fields in Child Objects - October '22

In addition to synchronizing custom fields of Salesforce CPQ Objects selected for deployment (e.g. Products), you can now also deploy data for custom fields in child objects! (e.g. custom fields of Product Features or of Product Options).

The Custom Fields dropdown groups fields by object name and gives you fine control over which data you want to synchronize between your two orgs.

Deploy CPQ custom fields with Blue Canvas CPQ deployer
Custom Fields grouped by parent object

Support for Salesforce CPQ Custom Fields and Inactive products - December '21

Custom Fields

  • Data of custom fields can now be included in a deployment. Click Custom Fields next to the search box and select the fields you want to copy in addition to the managed package fields.

Ignoring Inactive Products

  • Added an option to ignore inactive products during comparison. For example, if you have five products with the ProductCode "TEACUP", but four of them are old inactive versions that are not used anymore, the system can now ignore them instead of throwing a duplicate key error. This setting can be enabled under User > Setup > Filter inactive products. (This setting is not remembered between sessions, so you need to select it each time you log in.)

Other Improvements

  • Configuration Attributes are now handled as children of Products. The separate tab has been removed.
  • Added guidance for upgrading old versions of Salesforce CPQ if deleted fields are detected in the org.
  • Increased the maximum number of requirements to 200.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed errors when creating SBQQ__ProductOption__c by considering feature in the key.
  • Fixed error when creating Configuration Attribute due to SBQQ__Global__c field.

Advanced Approvals support - October '21

You can now deploy Approval Chain, Approval Variable, Approval Rule, Approver, and Email Templates throughout the Salesforce CPQ Deployer.

Bug Fixes
  • Improves design and button placement.
  • Squashed some bugs here and there.

Autodetection of Netsuite ID keying - September '21

Autodetection of multi-currency Salesforce orgs - September '21

Multi-currency orgs are now automatically detected and query plans are dynamically adjusted according to the org shape.

Bug Fixes
  • Improve rendering of errors on the connect page.

August 31st, 2021

Bug Fixes
  • Make "Accept" button non-recursive, and "Accept All" recursive (#380)
  • Only count root objects in the success message (#370)
  • Fix "/login" doesn’t redirect to "/" if I’m already authenticated (#368)
  • Fix dependency check for deeply nested ProductFeature in Product (#377)
  • Fix capture of comparison metrics (#369)

Automatic inclusion of dependent records - August '21

The "Accept Requirements" button now recursively adds dependent records. For example, the following chain will now be added with one single click: Product Rule > Configuration Rule > Product > Product Option > Product

Bug Fixes
  • Improve styling of "Accept" button to appear more clickable
  • Fix searching by composite key wasn't working properly
  • Fix scrolling in vertical navigation

August 17th, 2021

  • Add "Selected" tab to make it easier to find selected records
  • Add search engine optimizations and metrics
  • Add "You successfully deployed!" confirmation message. Well done!
  • Clean up Metadata Validation view
  • Enable gzip compression
Bug Fixes
  • Improve styling of "Accept" button to appear more clickable
  • Make vertical navigation scrollable
  • Search by composite key wasn't working properly

August 13th, 2021

Bug Fixes
  • Add missing field SBQQ__MinOptionCount__c
  • Turn SearchFilter into a child of CustomAction

August 12th, 2021

  • Add "Forgot Password" form to the login page
Bug Fixes
  • Cannot have WHERE clause on certain fields, like SBQQ__Formula__c