How it Works

How Blue Canvas makes source control and CI easy.
No need to manage a separate Git repo or CI server like Jenkins so you can get to work.

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Connect Your Salesforce Org with Oauth

connect your salesforce org to blue canvas

Easy One Time Setup

Signup for a Blue Canvas account. We'll spin up a Git repository for you. Use a simple Oauth flow to connect your Orgs to branches on that repo.

Use Your Current Workflow

Blue Canvas requires no other changes to your workflow. Just connect your Orgs and go.

Blue Canvas Automatically Tracks Changes

git diff screenshot

Declarative Changes in Sync

Blue Canvas automatically commits any changes that happen on an Org into source control. You don't need to know Git to make this happen. Blue Canvas tracks Workflow Rules, Apex Classes, Triggers, and other metadata.

Real Time Tracking on Your Org

Blue Canvas is directly connected to your Org so your source control system and your Salesforce Orgs are always in sync. This makes source control a real source of truth.

Not Everyone Needs to Know Git

Blue Canvas makes Git automatic. If members of your team don't know Git, their changes are still automatically committed to the Git repo.

But Also Built for Git Power Users

Everything Blue Canvas does is based on Git. So if you are a Git power user you can use any of your favorite Git commands.

Compare Changes Between Orgs

git diff screenshot

Git Diff

As a release manager you want to see what has changed between versions of an applicaiton or between UAT and production. Blue Canvas lets you see that easily and clearly.

Audit Trail

Get a clear picture of who has changed what and when with Git Blame.

Rollback if Need Be

Salesforce rollback

Deploy With Confidence

Have you ever spent time frantically trying to rollback a release? Or slowed down a deploy because you were worried about not being able to? With Blue Canvas you get full Git history which allows you to roll back to previous verions in seconds.

Deploy wit Git Push

git push salesforce master

To deploy your code to a Salesforce Org, simply do a git push to that Org's branch in Git.

No Ant Scripts or Change Sets

With Blue Canvas there is no maintenance or setup. Just connect with Oauth and you can deploy with Git. No more maintenance of scripts or manually creating change sets.

Deploy in Seconds

Deploys are extremly fast because we only deploy the code that has changed with our differential deploy technology.

No Code Clobbering

Because deployment is handled via Git, it is not possible to overwrite other people's code on your Orgs. Blue Canvas gracefully handles merge conflicts and keeps a record of your application at every stage for easy debugging and tracking.