Blue Canvas will be at Dreamforce! Will you?

As many of you know, we’re still in our “two guys in a garage phase” so we’ll be attending in a fairly low-key style. (We don’t have anything as ingenious planned as the master of guerilla marketing himself, Marc Benioff.)

Still, we want to meet with you! We have new features to demo and ideas to float by you.

First of all, we’ll be hanging out in the Dev Zone for much of the conference. You can find us in our ironically green Blue Canvas t-shirts.

Speaking of which, if you will be attending Dreamforce and want one, we have extras! Please tweet @bluecanvasio letting us know you’ll be there and we can bring one for you!

We’ll also be attending two great parties:

The first is the Cirrus Insight pre-U2 happy hour from 4-8pm on Wednesday night.

We’ll also be at CRM Science’s Puzzle Party on Thursday night if you want to come meet us there.

Word on the street is that Marc Benioff himself was disappointed to hear that Salesforce was voted the most “dreaded” technology to work with in the 2015 Stack Overflow Survey. We expect there to be some announcements coming out of the developer tooling team. We are excited to see what they come up with!

We hope to see you at Dreamforce next week!