Introducing our All-New Profiles & Permission Sets Deployer for Salesforce!

Bundle Profiles & Permissions with Metadata, and let Blue Canvas select relevant Properties!

Last Update:
August 24, 2023

We are excited to unveil our revamped Profiles and Permission Sets deployer, designed to combat the common struggles you face in managing Salesforce Profiles and Permission Sets. This article covers the key features that allow to deploy Profiles and Permission Sets in pair with Salesforce Objects, Fields and classes; all while benefiting from built-in validation and team review.

Here are our 5 key takeaways:

  • Find & compare Profiles and Permission Sets easily with built-in search
  • Enjoy direct access to standard, custom permissions, and permissions from managed packages.
  • Choose between Automatic, Full, or Manual selection of properties, related to metadata included in your deployment.
  • Team reviews foster a shared understanding, reducing deployment oversights.
  • Blue Canvas introduces more efficient tools for in-depth profile and permission set validations.

Table of Contents

Understanding the Challenges with Profiles and Permission Sets

Managing profiles and permission sets across Salesforce is no easy feat. You often need to:

  • Identify and track differences between profiles.
  • Understand changes to permission sets.
  • Ensure the right profiles and permissions are deployed with associated metadata.

Blue Canvas is here to take the guesswork out of the equation and make your deployments more accurate and efficient.

Deploying Profiles with Your Salesforce Metadata

Deploying Salesforce Profiles & Permissions with Blue Canvas

Starting with Profiles, here's how you can enhance your metadata deployment:

  • Navigate to Profiles: As you create Deployment Requests and include Metadata changes, a new tab will let you sift through Profiles from the source org, enhanced with a built-in search feature to swiftly locate the ones you're after.
  • Select Desired Profiles: Just as you would with metadata, review the Profiles present and select which ones you want to deploy.
  • Deep Dive only if you need to: Each Profile comes with a dropdown menu, allowing you to open them directly in the org. This direct access supports not only standard permissions but also custom permissions and permissions from managed packages, allowing for comprehensive validation. Perfect for spot checks!

Making Profile & Permission Sets Deployment More Efficient

This is where Blue Canvas truly shines and gives maximum control and efficiency over your deployment. For each Profile and Permission Set you’ll deploy, you’ll get to choose which Properties should be sync’d across sandboxes and orgs:

  • Automatic Selection (default): Blue Canvas detects and deploys only the properties of Profiles related to the selected metadata. It's quick, automated, and accurate.
  • Full Selection: Want to deploy everything? This option lets you deploy all properties of the selected Profile.
  • Manual Selection: For those wanting complete control, manually select the properties of the Profile(s) you wish to deploy.
Choose which Properties of the Profiles & Permission Sets you want to deploy

Deploying Salesforce Permission Sets

Deploying Salesforce Permission Sets between orgs with Blue Canvas

Deploying Permission Sets? It's similar to Profiles:

  1. Explore Permission Sets: The Permission Sets tab lets you dive into Salesforce Permission Sets from your source org.
  2. Select and Update: Decide which Permission Sets and their properties should be updated in the target org, with the same support for custom Permission Sets or Permission Sets from managed packages
  3. Property Selection: Just like with Profiles, you can choose between Automatic (default), Full, or Manual selection.

Reviewing Your Deployment Request

Blue Canvas calculating Salesforce Permissions prior to deployment in the target org

After creating your Deployment Request:

  1. Blue Canvas Automation: Benefit from our signature automation and validation for Metadata deployments.
  2. Calculate Permissions: A dedicated step prepares the deployment update in the target org, giving you a clear view of the changes.
  3. Team Review: Collaboratively assess proposed changes with your team. This collaborative review ensures all team members are aligned, fostering a shared understanding and reducing the chance of overlooking crucial changes.

Wrapping Up

At Blue Canvas, we're committed to simplifying Salesforce deployments. Our revamped Profiles and Permission Sets deployer offers you clarity, control, and speed for your daily tasks.

Keen to see it in action? Start your free 15-day trial now!

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