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Blue Canvas founder Alex Brausewetter guest blogs on Salesforce developer tooling topics on popular blogs like Salesforce Ben and Automation Champion.

Last Update:
February 20, 2017

With this article, learn about some of the most popular Salesforce blogs and how Blue Canvas founder, Alex Brausewetter, has contributed to them with his expertise in Salesforce developer tooling.

Here are our 5 Key Takeaways:

- Salesforce Ben is a popular blog with a large readership that covers a variety of topics related to Salesforce, including technical posts about Salesforce development.

- Blue Canvas caused controversy with their pre-Dreamforce post on Salesforce Ben, but were invited back to write about Salesforce DX after its announcement.

- Automation Champion invited Alex Brausewetter to talk about source control and how to solve challenges that Salesforce developers face with Git.

- Nerd@Work is a great Salesforce blog with lots of content, including a post by Alex on why Git is the ideal tool for source control on Salesforce.

- Blue Canvas welcomes requests and ideas for blog posts from their readers.

Table of Contents

We’re really proud of our blog here at Blue Canvas.* We strive to provide interesting content about continuous integration, source control and Salesforce development.

But we don’t just blog here at Blue Canvas. One of our founders, Alex Brausewetter, has actually been invited to guest blog on other blogs about various topics in Salesforce developer tooling.

Here are a few of the most popular that you may want to check out:

Salesforce Ben

As we noted in our roundup of top Salesforce blogs around the web, Salesforce Ben has one of the best blogs out there. It has a huge readership and covers a lot of different topics about Salesforce from mergers and acquisitions to more technical posts about Salesforce development. It’s the place to go if you want to know what’s happening with Salesforce today.

is salesroce really the worst development platform?

We caused a bit of controversy with our pre-Dreamforce post “Is Salesforce Really the Worst Development Platform?” The post was written before the announcement of Salesforce DX and highlights a number of the problems that Salesforce devs and admins feel on a daily basis. Fortunately, Salesforce DX was announced several days after Alex wrote the post on Ben’s blog.

How Salesforce DX affects admins.

Now that Salesforce DX has been announced and Salesforce has put a lot of marketing resources behind it, Ben has been kind enough to bring Alex back to write a post about Salesforce DX and how it will affect admins.

Automation Champion

One of the big pushes in Salesforce DX is towards “Source Driven Development.” Salesforce MVP Rakesh Gupta of Automation Champion invited Alex by to talk about source control and how to solve some of the challenges that Salesforce developers face with Git in January. It’s a good overview of why source control is valuable (something most developers understand intuitively but which may provide some good talking points for selling to management).

Why Salesforce needs source control.


We think Git is the best tool for source control and we’re not ashamed of it. Salesforce MVP Enrico Murru hosted us on his awesome Salesforce blog Nerd@Work. Enrico’s blog has lots of great content including his latest post on Javascript and Force.com. Alex contributed a post on why Git is the ideal tool for source control on Salesforce earlier this year.

Git and Salesforce on Nerd@Work blog.

*By the way if you ever have requests or ideas for blogs posts you’d like us to see please reach out to team@bluecanvas.io!

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