TrailheaDX Sessions You Should See

Salesforce's TrailheaDX conference on June 28 will focus on new innovations, including Salesforce DX and Einstein, with a range of sessions available.

Last Update:
June 12, 2017

After reading this article, you will have a better understanding of the upcoming TrailheaDX developer conference from Salesforce and the key sessions to attend. you will learn about the new Salesforce DX CLI, managed packages in Salesforce DX, migrating to Salesforce DX, continuous integration and delivery, testing strategies, sandbox strategies, and more.

Here are our 5 Key Takeaways:

1. The Salesforce DX CLI is a powerful new tool for developers to interact with Salesforce DX.

2. Managed packages are of particular concern to ISVs in Salesforce DX.

3. Migrating to Salesforce DX requires best practices and approaches for success.

4. Continuous integration is a primary objective for teams using Salesforce DX.

5. Sandbox management is a key challenge for teams implementing Salesforce DX.

Table of Contents

We’re just a few weeks away from TrailheaDX which starts June 28, 2017 at Moscone Center West. It’s the second annual developer conference from Salesforce and it’s particularly exciting because of all the major new innovations coming from Salesforce at present. Salesforce DX has been in pilot for a few months now and we can hope to learn a lot more about the roadmap and timeline for it. Salesforce Einstein will also be a hot topic as more information becomes available about it.

Salesforce just released the session list for attendees. With so many interesting session topics on the schedule, it can be difficult to know which ones to prioritize. Here are a few that interest us the most:

1. Become a Salesforce DX CLI Ninja

Dave Carroll

Salesforce DX introduces a powerful new Command Line Interface (CLI) that can speed up many tasks. Learn how to create Salesforce environments, push code, and run tests - all from the command line on your workstation. Salesforce CLI is also an extensible platform that developers can use to codify build steps.

Theme: Developer Experience Role: Developer Product:, Platform

A big part of Salesforce DX’s promise happens at the command line. The new CLI is the primary way we think developers will interact with Salesforce DX. Accordingly, this session will be a great opportunity to learn how make use of the new CLI.

2. Introduction to Salesforce DX

Wade Wegner

Salesforce is delivering significant improvements to developers! Salesforce DX is focused on bringing industry standard tools and processes to App Cloud. In this session, we’ll cover all the updates coming for Developers, ISVs, and IT, including tools and command-line, packaging, version control systems, and application lifecycle management (ALM). If you care about building apps with the App Cloud, you don’t want to miss this session!

Theme: Developer Experience Role: Developer Product:

Wade is the VP in charge of Salesforce DX and probably knows as much about it as anyone else on the planet. If you’re new to DX or curious what it’s all about and how it can help you this should be a great session.

3. Managed Packages in Salesforce DX and Feature Management

Dileep Burki, Joe McTee

As a Salesforce ISV partner, have you wondered how you can pilot your new features with early adopters, get valuable feedback and iterate? Do you have use cases where you want to know if your latest-cool feature is being used by your customers? Are you interested in knowing what SFDX is, and how managed packages work with them? If yes, this is a great session to get an overview and see some awesome demos on two related technologies - Feature Management AND Managed Packages in SFDX.

Theme: Apps & Architecture, Developer Experience, Emerging Topics Role: Architect, Developer, ISV Product: AppExchange,, Platform

Salesforce DX is going to include a few changes that will especially affect ISVs. Managed packages are of particular concern to ISVs. This session will allow you to learn and ask questions about how to use Managed Packages in Salesforce DX.

4. Migrating to Salesforce DX

Mike Miller, Jim Wunderlich

Interested in bringing the benefits of Salesforce DX into your organization but aren’t quite sure where to get started? Come to this session and get an insiders’ view into how to bring Salesforce DX into your current development flow.

Theme: Developer Experience, Emerging Topics Role: Architect, Developer, ISV Product:, Platform

Jim is in the engineering leadership responsible for delivering Salesforce DX so it’s a great chance to talk to a highly technical leader. This session will allow you the opportunity to hear about best practices and approaches for making the transition to Salesforce DX. It’s a revolutionary new source-driven approach from Salesforce and getting the transition right will be essential. Also, it’s a great place to ask questions of Jim.

5. Salesforce DX: Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Josh Kaplan

The Salesforce DX Command Line Interface (CLI) delivers breakthrough integration and automation capabilities. Join us and discover new tools that help you improve your automated tests. We’ll show you how to create more tests, how to create better tests and how to run them more often, resulting in a more robust and reliable application.

Theme: Developer Experience Role: Developer Product:

One of the primary objectives that teams hope to accomplish with Salesforce DX is continuous integration for Salesforce. CI allows you to ship features faster and with higher quality. DX will provide tooling that will make CI far more achievable, particularly the Salesforce DX CLI and the move towards a source-driven development approach. Josh is one of the PM’s responsible for DX and will have especially keen insight into what the best practices around CI and DX will be.

6. Understanding Salesforce DX

Raj Advani, Christopher Marzilli

Join us for a in-depth discussion of our plans around Salesforce DX. We will show you how Salesforce DX supercharges your productivity.

Theme: Developer Experience Role: Architect, Developer Product: Platform

Last year one of our favorite speakers in the Dreamforce Dev zone was Christopher Mazilli. He gave a number of great sessions for devs and admins that were very practical and easy to understand. He does a good job breaking down complex topics like sandbox management and release management. If you’re an Architect, admin or developer that wants to get a better handle on Salesforce DX and understand how you can actually use it in your day to day flow this should be a great session.

7. The Salesforce Development Lifecycle (Salesforce DevOps)

Kripa Kripanandan

Join us for an intimate and interactive discussion with other customers to learn what makes up the Salesforce Development Lifecycle and how the Salesforce App Cloud differs from traditional development platforms. We will help you make sense of all the buzzwords and acronyms and guide you through best practices for managing your own release process.

Theme: Apps & Architecture, Developer Experience Role: Architect, Developer Product:, Platform

CI and DevOps are two of the biggest buzzwords in the Salesforce developer community right now. Kripa’s talk is designed to turn these from buzzwords into practical tools that you can actually use in your daily work. If you’re interested in understanding best practices around release management for Salesforce this could be a great session.

8. Testing Strategies for Salesforce Developers

Nick Cook

Building an application in the cloud isn’t complete just because you have written the last line of code or placed the final component on a page. It can be a daunting task to ensure customizations work as intended, perform as desired, and stay within the limits of a multi-tenant architecture. Learn how to plan your testing strategy in Salesforce and gain insights from experts on what to test and how to test it.

Theme: Apps & Architecture, Developer Experience Role: Architect, Developer Product: Platform

The road to DevOps glory starts with testing. Automated testing is a key part of any continuous delivery or DevOps flow. Testing in Salesforce has historically been a difficult task. If you want to learn about testing strategies this is a great place to be.

9. Sandbox Strategies for Developer Operations

Kripa Kripanandan

Join us for an intimate and interactive discussion with other customers to learn why a Sandbox is essential to every successful Salesforce project, and how it can be used to build and test your Salesforce changes. During this session, we will discuss sandbox types, use cases, and best practices for DevOps.

Theme: Apps & Architecture, Developer Experience, Automation Role: Architect, Developer Product: Platform

Sandbox management is a key challenge for any team trying to improve their Salesforce development process. How many should I have? Who gets them? How do I migrate code from one sandbox to the next? DevOps requires wise management of sandboxes and this session will teach you the best practices teams have found for implementing sandbox management.

10. Meet the Developers

Join the technical leadership team at Salesforce for an open Q&A about any Salesforce technology. We’ll have Lightning, Einstein, Salesforce DX, Apex and many other experts on hand. This is the place to ask your questions! Bring your own or just listen those asked by others.

Theme: Apps & Architecture, Developer Experience Role: Developer, Salesforce Admin Product:, Lightning, Einstein

We’ve been to a few panels with Salesforce technical staff in the past and they are often great. You get a lot of interesting insight into a wide variety of topics and can even ask your own questions. You can learn a lot as the participants on stage tend to build on one another’s answers and it’s always interesting to see what your fellow developers are going to ask the panel.

11. Einstein Vision APIs with Golang and Scala

Rajdeep Dua

Join this session and learn how Einstein REST APIs help you create datasets, train models and predict labels. We’ll talk about the overall structure of the Einstein Vision REST APIs, and how to authenticate against them. You’ll also learn how to use them from Golang and Scala Languages. Finally, pick up tips on how to set up libraries published in a new project using IDEs like Intellij.

Theme: Apps & Architecture, Integration & APIs Role: Developer Product: Platform, Einstein

Salesforce Einstein might be the most exciting new technology the company has put out in quite some time. Check out this session to learn more about Einstein’s Vision APIs and how you can get your hands dirty with coding with Einstein.

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