free Salesforce dev consultations

When people write into us, we suggest jumping on a quick “discovery call”. These calls take about 15 minutes actually save our prospects and customers hours of research time.

We didn’t always do this - we made the switch about six months ago - but every since we did we’ve found that our customers as well as prospects who decide to go a different direction are much happier.

How is that? Wouldn’t it be faster to just work over email?

We used to be in that camp ourselves. We thought meetings and phone calls were a waste of time. But after being in business since 2016, we realize that it’s actually the most efficient way for everyone. Here’s why:

Spending 15-20 minutes on the phone can save you hours and hours of time research time.

Over the past two years we have spoken to thousands of Salesforce developers and admins. We’ve learned a lot about what different teams are doing and where the common pitfalls are with Salesforce and DevOps.

As a Salesforce developer, you have a lot of work to do. So you probably aren’t spending your days talking to other Salesforce devs at other organizations. So you may be missing out on the broad landscape of what is going on in the industry. Even if you go to THDX and Dreamforce every year in addition to your monthly developer meetup, you still aren’t talking to diverse groups of admins and developers every day.

We do talk to Salesforce professionals of all stripes - all day, every day. So we have a degree of expertise that we want to share with you on the phone. We can share insights and ideas on the first phone call that can be useful.

Most importantly, we’ve found that in about 15 minutes on the phone, we can determine whether our tool is a good fit for you. Sometimes we can seem nosey with our questions, but we are really trying to save you time. We’re trying to figure out if we can actually help you. There are some reasons Blue Canvas might not be a fit. Maybe your team is too small to really derive value or your Salesforce footprint is too small. Maybe you need a feature that we don’t yet have.

If we’re not a fit, we will happily tell you that and point you towards a tool that might be better for you.

We recently went on a tour of some businesses in Braddock, Pennsylvania. This is an old steel town that has been revitalized after a significant downturn. One of the business owners there taught us the phrase: “slow is fast”. The concept is that by slowing down you can actually do things more correctly, which saves time. If we can slow down and spend just a few minutes with you, we’ll be able to save you a lot of time in the future whether by using Salesforce deployment and source control automation with Blue Canvas or by pointing you to Salesforce DX or another direction.

So please don’t hesitate to reach out to to set up a call to talk about your Salesforce DX and DevOps strategy. We’d love to help and learn from you if we can!