Blue Canvas & Welkin Suite Webinar

Blue Canvas, The Welkin Suite, and Salesforce DX integration demo was a success with hundreds tuning in. The webinar is now available for viewing.

Last Update:
February 5, 2018

With this article, learn about integrating The Welkin Suite and Salesforce DX without using Blue Canvas.

Here are our 5 Key Takeaways:

- The Welkin Suite can be used as an alternative to Blue Canvas for Salesforce DX development.

- The Welkin Suite offers a range of features including code completion, debugging, and version control.

- Integrating The Welkin Suite with Salesforce DX requires setting up a connected app and configuring OAuth settings.

- The Welkin Suite also offers a plugin for Visual Studio Code for those who prefer to use that IDE.

- The Welkin Suite's integration with Salesforce DX allows for seamless development and deployment of Salesforce applications.

Table of Contents

Two weeks ago we did an exciting demo with our friends at The Welkin Suite about how to integrate Blue Canvas, TWS and Salesforce DX. Hundreds signed up to watch the webinar so we’re posting it here for others to see in case you missed it.

Happy coding!

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